Clear Your Mind.

Focusing on a hobby is a way to clear the mental palate.

“If you chose a difficult project, you’re concentrating so deeply that your mind doesn’t have time to think of anything else,” Corkhill says. “That gives the mind a break. If you knit a very easy project, you can go into a state where your mind is just free.”

Ignite Your Creativity.

When the mind is focused on something it enjoys — intrinsically motivated is the scientific term — it’s much more likely to think creatively. “There is a lot of research linking intrinsic motivation and thinking outside of the box,” says Racioppi. “If I’m working on a problem, I’m highly creative when I’m in flow.”

Explore New Social Opportunities.

Hobbies can encourage you to interact with other people in ways that don’t ignite social anxiety.

Find Stress Relief.

“The more capacity you’re using up being totally absorbed in a task, the less capacity there is left to focus any attention on any problems,” says Corkhill. “Distraction is one of the most powerful analgesics we know of.”

Boost Your Confidence.

“Finding creative solutions through crafting empowers me to know there is a solution to every problem,” she says. “My crafting mistakes often turn into new crafting ideas. Even when I am given the impossible DOA-task at work I think, ‘Let me figure out a creative solution’ — and it might just come to me while working on paper origami.”


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